Memorial and Honor Gifts List

This page lists all gifts made in honor or memory of a family member, friend, classmate, colleague, or group. These gifts are a meaningful way to honor or preserve the memory of someone special to you, and it can be an excellent way to commemorate a special occasion, a milestone, an anniversary, or other significant event. All PCMC memorial and honor gifts are used to support the oral history program.

Memorial and Honor Gifts

–– Al Sprague 2022 Taylor, Kassie Sprague
–– Albert H. Nahmad 2022 Russell, Judith Coffey
George R. Egolf; Roberta F. Egolf –– 2022 Adams, Marylyn D.
–– Joseph Wood and Beverly Wood 2021 Meyer, Carol F.
Gilbert M. Smith –– 2021 McCullough, Julie
George R. Egolf; Roberta F. Egolf –– 2021 Vandenburgh, Elaine
Edward R. Aanstoos –– 2021 Aanstoos, Erich
William Carlin and Jeannine Carlin –– 2021 Filas, Melanie
Grandparents Gerald D. and Mabell H. Bliss –– 2021 Fitzgerald, Mabelle “Mickey” W.
Vernon Russell Seeley –– 2021 Haisten, Donna