Fourth Transit – Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor recognizes the generous supporters of the Panama Canal Museum and the University of Florida Panama Canal Museum Collection.

Please note that we currently are updating the Wall of Honor and that some information may be incorrect. For more information, or to report an error, please contact John Nemmers,, 352-273-2766.


First Transit Second Transit Third Transit Fourth Transit Fifth Transit Lifetime Members
The transits and stages of the Panama Canal
Fourth transit. Stage 11: Gatun Lake: generous donations from $5500 to $5599

Dollar Club

Fourth transit. Stage 09: Gamboa: generous donations from $5300 to $5399

Reginald & Beverly Boyett Hayden

Fourth transit. Stage 06: Miraflores Lake: generous donations from $5000 to $5099

C. B. Fenton & Co., S.A.