Second Transit – Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor recognizes the generous supporters of the Panama Canal Museum and the University of Florida Panama Canal Museum Collection.

Please note that we currently are updating the Wall of Honor and that some information may be incorrect. For more information, or to report an error, please contact John Nemmers,, 352-273-2766.


First Transit Second Transit Third Transit Fourth Transit Fifth Transit Lifetime Members
Second transit. Stage 14: Cristobal Yacht Club: generous donations from $2800 to $2899

Richard & Julieta Preciado Morgan
Joe & Beverly Bowman Wood

Second transit. Stage 12: Gatun Locks: generous donations from $2600 to $2699

Carol Ruoff Goulet
William E. LeBrun
Zelma R. Treadwell

Second transit. Stage 11: Gatun Lake: generous donations from $2500 to $2599

Paul D. Glassburn
Carol F. Meyer

Second transit. Stage 10: Barro Colorado: generous donations from $2400 to $2499

Charles & Sandra Hummer
Richard & Ruth Mallett

Second transit. Stage 08: Gaillard Cut: generous donations from $2200 to $2299

Charles & Maxine Swanson Keenan

Second transit. Stage 07: Pedro Miguel Locks: generous donations from $2100 to $2199.

Capt. William & Connie Glassburn Dawson
Bob Redfield & Carolyn Merry

Second transit. Stage 06: Miraflores Lake: generous donations from $2000 to $2099.

Blanche Adler Browne
Edward & Geraldine Pierce Corbett
R. Alvera Davison
John & Judith Engelke Montanaro
Hobey & Lisa Williams Richey, MD

Second transit. Stage 05: Miraflores Locks: generous donations from $1900 to $1999.

Olive L. Unruh

Second transit. Stage 04: Bridge Of The Americas: generous donations from $1800 to $1899.

Marian Smith Kariger
James & Patricia Steiner Kearns
Peg Milliken
Richard & Bette Swearingen

Second transit. Stage 03: Balboa Yacht Club: generous donations from $1700 to $1799.

Peter G. Flynn Family
Thomas R. Goethals
Space Coast Panazonians

Second transit. Stage 02: Amador Causeway: generous donations from $1600 to $1699.

Larry & Kathryn Castleman
Class of 1954 Balboa/Cristobal High Schools
Alan R. Ford
Robert & Colleen Lawson Mate
Willian McKeown. Jr.
Ed (Lucky) Wilburn

Second transit. Stage 01: Pacific Anchorage: generous donations from $1500 to $1599.

BSA, Explorer Post 21 Balboa, Canal Zone
John K. Brayton
Peter & Mary Lou Dailey Lang
Grover Matheney
Frank & Marilyn Mott
Robert J. Roy, Sr.
Steve & Mary Clement Vaughn