Panama Canal Museum

The history of the Panama Canal Museum Collection stretches back to 1998 with the founding of the Panama Canal Museum in Seminole, Florida. The Museum successfully operated for 14 years before closing on July 31, 2012. The collection that was transferred from the Museum to UF in 2012 included over 12,000 objects consisting of millions of pages and items. In addition to building a premier historical collection, the Museum successfully established educational and outreach activities and developed an outstanding network of supporters. The good work accomplished by the Museum over 14 years paved the way for the PCMC to develop as a preeminent research collection for the study of the American era of the Panama Canal.

Below are a few resources relating to the former Panama Canal Museum.

Panama Canal Museum website (


Past Trustees and Officers of the Panama Canal Museum

  • Frank A. Baldwin
  • Pat Beall, Ex-Officio
  • Fred Bremer
  • Richard F. Brown
  • Faith Brundage
  • John Carlson
  • John Patrick Coffey
  • Richard Cunningham
  • Robert Dell
  • James DesLondes
  • Gerarde DeTore
  • * Katherine E. Egolf
  • Betty LeDoux Frassand (Founder)
  • Marie Wright Gibson
  • Paul D. Glassburn
  • Barbara Green
  • Frank Stevens Hawks
  • Reginald Hayden
  • John Hern
  • Robert Hughes
  • * Charles W. Hummer, Jr. (Founder)
  • Robert J. Karrer
  • Patricia Steiner Kearns
  • Lesley Hendricks Litzenberger
  • Alfredo Lombana
  • William Lyons
  • Barbara Bonanno Marshall
  • William McLaughlin
  • Harold Moore
  • Paul Morgan
  • Richard Morgan
  • Kenny Morris, Ex-Officio
  • Steve Nehring
  • Elizabeth Neily, Director
  • Joan McCullough Ohman
  • Jim Parthenais, Ex-Officio
  • Barbara D. Peterson
  • Thomas Peterson
  • Marc Quinn
  • Louis Reyes, Ex-Officio
  • Patt Foster Roberson
  • Shawn Rupp
  • Louis Seldon
  • Rachel A. Schipper
  • Larry Siegel
  • Chris Skeie
  • Davis Stevenson
  • Lewis Taber
  • * J. Dorn Thomas
  • Gayle Hasemann Tolbert
  • Nancy Van Siclen
  • Muriel Whitman
  • Harold Wickersham
  • * Joseph J. Wood (Founder)
  • Joey Zornes
  • * Robert F. Zumbado

* Indicates board members who served for the 14 years of the Panama Canal Museum’s existence in Seminole.

Past Board of Advisors

  • Robert K. Dawson
  • William R. Gianelli
  • Thomas R. Goethals
  • Walter P. Leber
  • D. P. McAuliffe
  • Robert R. McMillan

Honorary Past Board Members

  • Marguerite Zumbado. Although Marguerite never officially served, she participated in numerous meetings and her participation contributed to the successful activities of the Museum.