Roosevelt Medal Holders

Roosevelt Medals and additional bars were awarded to United States citizens for at least two consecutive years of Panama Canal Construction Service between May 4, 1904 and December 31, 1914.

A list of Roosevelt Medal Holders has been digitized and is publicly available in our Digital Collection. Click here to view the list of Roosevelt Medal Holders

You may now download an editable Roosevelt Medal Certificate template directly from the UFDC record containing the full list of Roosevelt Medal recipients.

There is no fee to download these documents.  You may print as many certificates as you like for family, friends, or yourself.

You do not need UF’s permission to download or edit the certificates– these items have been made publicly available for you to enjoy.

Simply download the DOCX (Microsoft Word) template, input your information, and print from your home computer!



This is also where you may look up the medal and bar numbers for all Roosevelt Medal Holders, listed alphabetically by the holder’s last name.

Click the “PDF Files” tab to access the Sample Certificate.

Screen capture of website showing where the PDF file menu is located.

Click on the “Word/Excel Files” tab to view the Certificate Template, which is saved as a DOCX (Microsoft Word) document format.

Screen capture of website showing where the Word file menu is located.

The Sample Certificate is in PDF form and cannot be edited. Its purpose is to show where to input your personal information and how you might want your finished certificate to look.

Image of the Roosevelt Medal Holders certificate of recognition.

You can download the editable Certificate Template.  This is a Microsoft Word Document and can be edited to include your personal information.

Image of the Roosevelt Medal Holders certificate of recognition.

When you click the link for this document, you can select “Download Document Here” and then you can open the template in Microsoft Word, or any other word processing program.

You may then type in the certificate recipient, their relationship, the medal holder’s name, and all accompanying medal information.

Once you have inputted all the information, you may print your certificates!