Silver La Boca (1914–1957)

A Retrospective from the Enid Hall Papers

Silver La Boca (1914-1957)

This exhibit was developed by Christine Reynolds using materials from the Enid Hall papers. Located at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, the town of La Boca was home for thousands of non-U.S. employees primarily from the Caribbean who were known as Silver employees. La Boca existed as a Silver town from 1914-1957 when the residents were relocated to other towns. For many residents like Enid Hall who had lived in La Boca for years, this was a significant loss of community. Working from memory, Ms. Hall wrote incredibly detailed notes about which families lived in which buildings, who taught in the schools, etc. A digital map of La Boca was created using Ms. Hall's notes and census records to show a snapshot of what the town once looked like.

Detail view of map of the town of La Boca.