Donating Materials

The George A. Smathers Libraries are fortunate to have received a large and comprehensive collection from the Panama Canal Museum, but some additional items may still be strategically collected. We have worked with leadership from the Friends of the Panama Canal Museum Collection Executive Council to both draft a policy and form a committee to review potential gifts. This committee meets every two months to review any pending gift offers. The policy is available online: Collection Development Policy.

When offering materials, please provide a photo and a short description with any contextual information for your item(s). Any images and associated information you can provide will be particularly helpful to the committee as they discuss your potential gift. Our goal is to collect as much contextual information (stories, names, personal experiences, and historical notes) as possible with each item to help frame the Panama Canal Museum Collection in a rich historical context.

For more information about donating items to the PCMC, please contact John Nemmers at 352-273-2766 or